My final Yoga reflection

It is so hard to believe that this semester is so close to being done! Now looking back I am extremely happy that I chose a learning project that as it was something I always want to do/learn. Before choosing yoga, I was either going to choose learning Spanish or learning/improving American Sign Language. Spanish is something I still want to pursue and ASL I practice often as our use it at my job. This semester I was able to make time to take a online ASL course that was very useful in learning the proper etiquette and body language.

I am happy I chose something that was able to benefit me directly as I have noticed my flexibility greatly improved as well as it has helped my SI joint flairs up less, but it is extremely painful when it does. Learning yoga has also taught me to be more patient and to enjoy going at a slow pace. It has been nice taking ME time for once.

From YouTube and the 2 apps I used Yoga and Down Dog, my favourite was going on YouTube and finding people/instructors to follow along with.  I feel the Youtube channels that I used were more clear and helped me gain a better understanding how to properly do yoga.

Along with taking me time I have learned to listen to my body when stretching, what hurts, what feels better. It has been interesting to pay attention to small details I would never thought I could feel, areas in my lower back, shoulders and toes, yes even my toes. Breathing has been a big part of my yoga experience. I never realized how much breathing can help you stretch out when doing yoga. When exhaling you are able to take the stretch you are working on that little bit further, while not hurting yourself , and it also calms and relaxes me so much. This will be useful as I can help teaching my students how to breathe when they are also feeling overwhelmed.

Although this is my last yoga post I feel I am not done with yoga! Now knowing how good I feel after and the benefits I want to continue still taking time for myself. Thanks for following me on my learning journey!


iMovie review & Video

We were challenged to use an app or tool that I haven’t used before to help document my Learning project. This was a great opportunity to finally learn how to video, edit and upload videos because I have never before. It was suggested that I use iMovie as it was free and easy to navigate. I downloaded it on the App Store and started playing around with it. I instantly loved the little (I) in the top right corner, right when you click on it all though places to edit or undo, save and any other features the app offered lit up in yellow as well stating what it was.

This is an amazing feature for anyone learning a new platform! (I need this option in everything I use haha). It didn’t take me long to figure out how to upload my video which then I was able to fast forward the middle part of me doing the slow yoga, then have me speaking at the beginning and end at normal pace. It has a lot of cool features changing changing the colour of your video also adding in background music. This is definitely an app I am going to continue playing with and use! You can also insert pictures into the video or make pictures into a video, if that makes sense. This has helped me step up my power point game! I am going to play around with that option next as my sister has been doing house renos FOREVER and I think it would be cool to make a video of the very slow and painful progress of their house.😆

And now Yoga with Heather!


More Yoga and YouTube!

Welcome back! So after finding such an amazing person to follow on YouTube, yoga with Adrienne, I kind of felt I had to find someone just as good or better to follow next which I thought was going to be pretty hard. After scrolling through YouTube for a bit typing in different yoga phrases like “best yoga”, “top yoga instructors”. I finally went and change the tab from All to Channel this way it was way more easier for me to compare each person’s videos and how many subscribers they had. The only issue was they weren’t sorted in most to least subscribers or in alphabetical order so I just assumed you two would also have that option or please correct me if I’m wrong!? Any-Who I decided to go with Natasha Noel, she has a kind of catchy name as well as over 294,000 subscribers with 93 videos, I also chose her because she had the most subscribers.

Scrolling through her videos I found she had a lot of “how to videos” which I thought were awesome just to give me a sense of she was more beginner than an extreme yoga instructor. She had a few personal videos such as how I journal. This was the first thing I watched, it was a nice way to get a sense of who she was. She’s not 💯% yoga, she also does meditation, positive self talk, and motivation. She journals her days to help control her emotions. I feel this also goes with yoga as positive self talk is sometimes hard to do and develop.

I decided to try how to do a side split for beginners. I was curious to see how to practice on one pose, I just assumed you just practice and practice and eventually you are able to do a certain pose. It was very interesting to the variety of different stretches and poses, all in which were benefiting you in being able to stretch your pelvis area that eventually will benefit you in being able to do the side splits.

So…. I finally did a video! It was a little weird to do and watch after. I think most of it I’m only half in the frame but, it still works! I just need to figure out how to fast-forward, upload it to YouTube and post for you guys but, it is coming. I did a Yoga video based on stretching out your back, called Exercises To Alleviate Lower Back Pain. A few days ago I was out helping my sister on her farm and kind of pulled something in my back, I have let it rest for a few more days and thought today would be good to try to stretch it out slowly and get moving. It went great I felt pretty good during and after the yoga video.



More Yoga & YouTube!

It was suggested to me by Miss.Brinkworth that I try Cosmic Kids yoga, as she did it with her students and said it was really good. Cosmic Kids Yoga has over 295,000 subscribers and Jamie the instructor has tons of energy in each video and talks in a nice calming voice (not sure how both are possible lol). She is always wearing a comfy onesie.

The first cosmic kids yoga I tried was Betsy the banana. It started off nice and slow in a pretend kitchen and the yoga lady was on the table beside bowl of bananas! She started off by sitting down crossing her legs and saying, the secret code word, which was Namaste, she counted down from three and said it again. This allowing students to hear it first and then be ready to say it on the count of three. She went on to tell a story about Betsy the banana, a butterfly gave Betsy 3 wishes to become something else out instead of a banana. The banana became a ballerina, being able to ride a bicycle, and having a birthday party. All of these we done yoga poses/actions that went well with the story that was being told. At the end she has a great cool down and a time to reflect on the story. She asks “what would our wishes be?” And “if we had the chance what would we wish for others?” I thought that was a nice way to cool down and end with a mindful thought.

I tried Yoga Pose Universe – 10 yoga poses. I was curious to see which ones she would do. She covered lots of animal themed ones as well as random things. Dinosaur, sandwich, shark, snake, spider, star, surfer, telephone and tree. Jamie goes into detail what body parts you are stretching and why it’s good to. It’s fun having themed sounds and animation of animals in the back ground.

Squish the Fish was a awesome imagination yoga video. She was at the bottom of the sea floor where we did a bunch of poses. I find all her yoga videos are fast pacing which is great for kids to keep interested in, fun noises to mimic and the story line that go with them are awesome! I’ll definitely be using this in my classroom.

Yoga & YouTube

So moving away from apps, I have been exploring YouTube! The first thing I looked up was beginner Yoga on YouTube and of course 1 million, billion, zillion videos came up. So I scrolled through clicking on a few depending on the picture of the video, how many views they had, what their personal name was and as well as what the video name was. After that I would see how many other videos they had posted just to get a sense if this was something they were passion about. I wanted to be able to follow someone I would enjoy making it more enjoyable for myself. Also I wanted to make sure they had lots of videos so I would not be spending more time looking for someone I wanted to watch and do yoga with compared to only doing a few videos on someone’s channel then I would have to spend more time looking for someone new.

So I decided to choose Yoga With Adriene! Also another reason I chose her was that she has the same name as my sister but it is spelled different! She has 4.5 million to scribers the first video I clicked on had over 2 million reviews with 272,000 likes 51 thousand 👎 (dislikes).

The first video I tried was Yoga for Complete Beginners. I Immediately I really enjoyed the start of the video there was no music it was a nice at home setting, similar to what I was doing at my house. Besides she never had a cat bothering her the whole time LOL. She talks in a very calming voice and addes lots of descriptive words making each experience a lot more meaningful and made it feel like it was directed towards me like she was my private instructor! At one point she said don’t sacrifice your posture in order to get it farther stretch in your spine and shown an example I was able to see. Although the other apps would kinda do that, but it was more meaningful. It felt like in the app they didn’t really show you what NOT to do they just showed you what to do and just how to alter it if you’re not able to do a pose. So she was more so instructing. I really enjoy Adriene’s energy she’s very relaxed. She has a holistic vibe that she radiates sends out. She also give great descriptors that I feel I can use with my students such as “travel up your spin and curl your back”, this making it easy to visualize. I learnt there was yoga for the toes, which is just bending and sitting on them, it just made me say “what” as I was doing the video. But makes sense some people may not have mobility in their toes and could be a area to improve.

I was able to try yoga for Anxiety today as I was feeling a little anxious us overwhelmed with assignments and a few catching up to do’s. I’m very happy I tried this one, it was very calming and relaxing and I gained some great tips. One tip was breathing through your nose and being able to close up one nostril at a time. Just by taking big breaths in and out and then switching to the other nostril and repeating this for a few minutes. At first I thought it was kind of weird, but doing it was a nice change(if that makes sense) and really got your mind off other things by focussing on your breaths.

The next video I tried was one that said Yoga For Weight Loss, that targeted the hips and core, I assumed it would be like the other Yoga sessions just targeted those areas. Boy, oh boy I was in for a rude awakening! I always assumed from previous apps and videos I’ve done yoga is slow pace. Not this video! I was huffin’ and puffin’ by the end of this yoga video. I can’t complain too much, it was a good change up and gave me a new light to what yoga can also be, I just wasn’t expecting it.

Another week another, Yoga app!

I’m a little late posting this last week yoga experience, but here it is! So I found  another yoga that was free on the App Store so I downloaded it it was called Down Dog. Kind of interesting name and picture. The first impression of the picture had me thinking this would not be such a great app, but it was free so I am not picky with free stuff!   First from going from a blue app with that picture of a mutt 🐶 on the front looking pretty unprofessional. Once I clicked it, it was black and white options which made the app look very sharp. When I clicking through the app I was literally blown away by the amount of options there was.                                                                          I had a choice between six different levels of your intro, beginner one, beginning to calm intermediate one, intermediate to end advanced. I went with beginner one which I knew should’ve went with intro to yoga LOL.       The next one is type there were 7 to choose from- A complete Vinyasas practice. so I picked full practice as it described it as a gentle warm up with a mixture of standing poses and cool down on the floor focused on deep stretching  and I’m trying to stick to this type of yoga as it’s more of a beginner type yoga.  Boost had 12 options . Length you could choose anywhere from seven minutes to 90 minutes. Savasana -which was how long you would wanted to stay in your final resting posture you had a choice between none to 15 minutes. There was a choice between six different voices, nine different music options and five different instructions to be given to you while you’re doing your yoga. Instructions verried between very descriptive to just telling you what the post was called and if you were advanced enough you would know what to do.  Lastly there was five different options between visuals, they had HD video to no video at all.  There was a spot where you could save your favorite practices and also download them so you can practice without using data. It kept track of your history one you didn’t as well as how long for.  I will post a picture of the menu because there is again and options to use that are very useful!

Now to my experience! So when I first used it I made sure all the settings were on beginner and easy for myself, I did the 10 minute yoga video and very much enjoyed all my settings such as the music  The ladies voice was nice there was someone doing it with you to follow along as well as other counter, counting on how long to hold things once in while. After my first trial a box popped up and said  One more free trial of the app. Which I was very confused because it said free on the App Store and even went back to doublecheck, but I guess that’s how they trick you to download it for free. I got two session then you have the option to purchase it. I was kind of sad that I only have one more session with this app as I extremely enjoyed it my first time. So me being me 😉 I decided to wait and make sure I got my free use out of this app. The next time I use the app and make sure I could use all 75 minutes of the yoga trial….. Which I regretted halfway through the 75 minutes doing it, but I survived and I am very happy that I got experience at all.  It was definitely challenging, I’m used to practicing for 15 minutes at a time so quadrupling it was taking it a little too far. I definitely wasn’t able to do all the poses or hold them all with the perfect posture. But I extremely enjoyed the detail that went into this app. The descriptions the voice tells you to focus on while stretching such as placing your right hand on your left knee having your right arm behind you and you breathe out and to feel your spine straighten as well while breathing out to twist even more. I was able to feel a lot more of my muscles and take each position a little bit deeper with these descriptions. Love this app, may purchase this in the future if I don’t find another one!





Week 1 of Yoga!

So my first week of starting yoga I have been using this app called “YOGA” it was a free app on the App Store. They have 15 different categories of yoga all running from 7- 14 minutes long. It’s nice for someone starting out or someone who is bust to having a low set time just because I don’t have a good excuse not to do it something for seven minutes, lol. It also tells you how many calories you will burn and if it is a beginner or intermediate. I haven been doing them all and adjusting some of the harder ones to the level I can do. When you click on what type of yoga you want to do there’s different categories such as core yoga, night yoga, morning yoga and energy booster yoga, to name a few. Once you click on it it says how long it is how many different types of exercise poses there is, it also gives you a little summary of the benefit of doing this type of yoga.  You can scroll through and see them all before you begin. When you begin it gives you 10 seconds to get ready, there is animated woman doing the pose also so you can see what it should look like. They say the name such as downward dog or cobra pose. I find most the pose names makes sense to how and what your body will be doing.


When you are close to being done every pose a lady tells you what’s coming up next verbally as well as it’s written underneath what was your doing at the moment. When it’s time to switch poses a bell dongs, which I find it not very calming sound. I find it loud and annoying dong, so good thing it only dongs once at the beginning of each pose. Between poses There’s a counter from 15 seconds to count down before it tells you to start, which I like. Some of the harder poses they only ask you to hold for 15 to 20 seconds were some of the easier ones are 30 seconds. The ladies voice telling you when to switch, start and what pose you’re doing I find kind of annoying not very relaxing. I’m not sure if it’s a real person’s voice a computer voice. So far I like this free app you can link it with The health app that’s already on my iPhone which I haven’t done. I’m not sure if I’m gonna stick with this app. I want play around with a new app per week and slowly move to YouTube videos so I get a good feel of each app. I can already feel a difference in my body, more so in my back as there’s less pains! A week into doing yoga I already am feeling some benefits!

Learning Project!

For my learning project I decided to finally learn something I always wanted to learn, but never knew anything and never had the time to do it. Yoga! So the past week I have been looking into yoga and I thought it was just stretching in different poses but the more I am looking the more I’m finding. So I did assume there would be beginning yoga and advanced yoga, but there is also kid yoga, yoga for certain injuries, exercise yoga and hot yoga to name a few. So after learning about the many different types of yoga and the benefits of each. I will be focusing ob Vinyasa yoga. Vinyasa means “to place in a special way” and in this case yoga posture

By the end of the 13 weeks I want to have improved or mastered a few yoga poses. I would like to try attend at least one a hot yoga class in the city if it’s not too expensive (poor student life). As well as attend a few classes in the city at the UofR.

A few yoga poses I am deciding to show before and after at the end of my journey are binding yoga pose, forward bending pose(touch my toes) because at internship when we would have brain breaks or be warming up for P.E. I could never touch my toes and my students defiantly noticed, LOL! Last I want to try some inversion yoga pose, all of them seem impossible, but I’ll see how close I get!