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Another week another, Yoga app!

I’m a little late posting this last week yoga experience, but here it is! So I found  another yoga that was free on the App Store so I downloaded it it was called Down Dog. Kind of interesting name and picture. The first impression of the picture had me thinking this would not be such a great app, but it was free so I am not picky with free stuff!   First from going from a blue app with that picture of a mutt 🐶 on the front looking pretty unprofessional. Once I clicked it, it was black and white options which made the app look very sharp. When I clicking through the app I was literally blown away by the amount of options there was.                                                                          I had a choice between six different levels of your intro, beginner one, beginning to calm intermediate one, intermediate to end advanced. I went with beginner one which I knew should’ve went with intro to yoga LOL.       The next one is type there were 7 to choose from- A complete Vinyasas practice. so I picked full practice as it described it as a gentle warm up with a mixture of standing poses and cool down on the floor focused on deep stretching  and I’m trying to stick to this type of yoga as it’s more of a beginner type yoga.  Boost had 12 options . Length you could choose anywhere from seven minutes to 90 minutes. Savasana -which was how long you would wanted to stay in your final resting posture you had a choice between none to 15 minutes. There was a choice between six different voices, nine different music options and five different instructions to be given to you while you’re doing your yoga. Instructions verried between very descriptive to just telling you what the post was called and if you were advanced enough you would know what to do.  Lastly there was five different options between visuals, they had HD video to no video at all.  There was a spot where you could save your favorite practices and also download them so you can practice without using data. It kept track of your history one you didn’t as well as how long for.  I will post a picture of the menu because there is again and options to use that are very useful!

Now to my experience! So when I first used it I made sure all the settings were on beginner and easy for myself, I did the 10 minute yoga video and very much enjoyed all my settings such as the music  The ladies voice was nice there was someone doing it with you to follow along as well as other counter, counting on how long to hold things once in while. After my first trial a box popped up and said  One more free trial of the app. Which I was very confused because it said free on the App Store and even went back to doublecheck, but I guess that’s how they trick you to download it for free. I got two session then you have the option to purchase it. I was kind of sad that I only have one more session with this app as I extremely enjoyed it my first time. So me being me 😉 I decided to wait and make sure I got my free use out of this app. The next time I use the app and make sure I could use all 75 minutes of the yoga trial….. Which I regretted halfway through the 75 minutes doing it, but I survived and I am very happy that I got experience at all.  It was definitely challenging, I’m used to practicing for 15 minutes at a time so quadrupling it was taking it a little too far. I definitely wasn’t able to do all the poses or hold them all with the perfect posture. But I extremely enjoyed the detail that went into this app. The descriptions the voice tells you to focus on while stretching such as placing your right hand on your left knee having your right arm behind you and you breathe out and to feel your spine straighten as well while breathing out to twist even more. I was able to feel a lot more of my muscles and take each position a little bit deeper with these descriptions. Love this app, may purchase this in the future if I don’t find another one!






The Myth of Taxation

I looked into the myth of taxation. Growing up and still to this day I always hear lots of discussion about how indigenous people do you not have to pay tax. Along with not paying taxes they also when working they don’t get taxed on their income. This was something I was I was curious about because like most people you’re curious to why and how indigenous people may not have to pay taxation where everyone else has to. As I begin reading the chapter The Myth of Taxation from Chelsea Vowel, she goes into great detail breaking down the taxation rules that so many others seem to know so much about. The one point in the book she kind of called out majority of the people and first asked if they ever not claimed money to avoid paying taxes on. Such as tips from waitresses, people who offer services from their house or side jobs such as cutting grass. That was a topic I never even thought to address because I know many who have picked up side jobs or do something for a little extra cash and I’m assuming they don’t add tax on it to give to the government. Yet no one makes a big stink about those people not paying taxes on that money.
So to break it down only status Indians are eligible for the Indian act exemption, Nonstatus Indian, Métis in anyway it or not covered.
Status Indians who are not living on reserve land are not eligible for this exemption unless they purchase goods and service on reserved.
This exemption also extends to federal taxes on goods purchased off reserve,if they are delivered to the reserve by the retailers. If the status Indian wants to transport goods back to the reserve, they are not exempt.
Services provided on reserve are tax-exempt. Where services provided off reserves are not exempt, unless under section 90 of the Indian act.
If you’re working off reserved the tax exemption does not apply and you’re paying income tax even if your employer is situated on the reserve. (Vowel). Pg. 138.
Although I just broke down some of the many different highly confusing and technical situations on the taxation situations. I have learned that this myth about indigenous people never pay tax is definitely not true as well as completely confusing, there are many different scenarios as well as laws they have to follow up regarding whether or not they pay tax on land, goods and services. “Only the Mohawk Kahnawake have signed an agreement with the provincial government that includes a waiver of provincial tax sales. This is not an Indian act exemption, it is a contract between the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake and the government of Quebec. (Vowel pg.139).” Here is another situation where many people would not know of that agreement between the two parties but yet would gladly tell people false information. After reading about these missed and how clearly Chelsea breaks down this highly confusing topic I feel people should not speak to something that is clearly not just black-and-white.

New digital community

We have a new way to record YouTube hits, not only for music videos but for people recreating an artist’s music video. Which I have watched many re-makes that have been from funny to amazing, creating cyber stars. As stayed by it creates a whole new platform for everyone across the wold to come together, through global connections through the internet and computers. It’s interesting that everyone had their own take on the Numa Numa song… Where if were to take that flexibility into our classrooms and giving our students the technology and the opportunity to express their different types of learning. At 12:05-12:12 of the video he goes to explain when media changes, human relations change. I thought this was a simple but has powerful meaning behind it. Hopefully the meaning is used for the positive and doesn’t create more of an issue for social interaction between humans.
“Networked individualism, (Berry Wellman 18:28).” This is very important, growing up in a small town you never had much selection of sports, interests and with that if his friends is friends. I always felt sorry for a few people and/or groups in my town if their interests were not provided through school activities or within our town they never got to fully participate in activities they enjoyed. Where, by having a network community individuals are able to live anywhere in the world and communicate with anyone that has the same interests, believes, which I feel can be in is very powering. It’s important to remember we are not all the same nor should we be but we should also have a sense of self and be able to share believes.
It was very interesting to see how the webcam has evolved, “the glass dot, the eye of the world” as described in the video. It is a lot more awkward and ‘unnatural’ for people. Not having a normal conversation, you have to keep the conversation going while making it interesting. Being that I don’t Vlog, I never really thought of how unnatural it is, but soon I feel the younger people are talking to their phones it won’t be unnatural anymore. I know with #SnapChat people record themselves and post it to their stories, thus making a younger group making this the new norm.

Week 1 of Yoga!

So my first week of starting yoga I have been using this app called “YOGA” it was a free app on the App Store. They have 15 different categories of yoga all running from 7- 14 minutes long. It’s nice for someone starting out or someone who is bust to having a low set time just because I don’t have a good excuse not to do it something for seven minutes, lol. It also tells you how many calories you will burn and if it is a beginner or intermediate. I haven been doing them all and adjusting some of the harder ones to the level I can do. When you click on what type of yoga you want to do there’s different categories such as core yoga, night yoga, morning yoga and energy booster yoga, to name a few. Once you click on it it says how long it is how many different types of exercise poses there is, it also gives you a little summary of the benefit of doing this type of yoga.  You can scroll through and see them all before you begin. When you begin it gives you 10 seconds to get ready, there is animated woman doing the pose also so you can see what it should look like. They say the name such as downward dog or cobra pose. I find most the pose names makes sense to how and what your body will be doing.


When you are close to being done every pose a lady tells you what’s coming up next verbally as well as it’s written underneath what was your doing at the moment. When it’s time to switch poses a bell dongs, which I find it not very calming sound. I find it loud and annoying dong, so good thing it only dongs once at the beginning of each pose. Between poses There’s a counter from 15 seconds to count down before it tells you to start, which I like. Some of the harder poses they only ask you to hold for 15 to 20 seconds were some of the easier ones are 30 seconds. The ladies voice telling you when to switch, start and what pose you’re doing I find kind of annoying not very relaxing. I’m not sure if it’s a real person’s voice a computer voice. So far I like this free app you can link it with The health app that’s already on my iPhone which I haven’t done. I’m not sure if I’m gonna stick with this app. I want play around with a new app per week and slowly move to YouTube videos so I get a good feel of each app. I can already feel a difference in my body, more so in my back as there’s less pains! A week into doing yoga I already am feeling some benefits!

First Twitter Chat!

Well tonight was my first night attending #saskedchat! Although, pretty much the whole time I was very anxious, it was awesome!  I was signed in before 8 and nothing was happening so I was second-guessing if I was in the right spot! Then I seen a couple people were posting that was a relief for a quick second. Then I was frantic to write my first response just who I was, where I was from and why I was joining so I quickly did that. while I was typing my first response I was trying to see what other people were posting and what they were saying. I liked that he had short and simple questions, “ I say______, you say”. It just kept it easy to follow and what you’re supposed to respond to. I answered 10 questions within the chat so there was a few times I made a mistake (Don’t worry I knew I would) one time I accidentally labelled answer 5 as answer 4 question for so I have two different answers for 4 in the chat… not too bad.. After that I said in one of my answers that parents aren’t important to be in the classroom 🙈🙈🙈 it was supposed to say parent ARE important to be in the classroom. I already hit Tweet and then I noticed it right after so I was panicking because I’ve never deleted a tweet before! Thankfully I was able to figure it out and delete it and then re-type it. I kept it more simple compared to the first tweet so hopefully no one saw that tweet LOL. It was nice to see what other people were writing and I learnt a lot which was awesome. Also it seem like they had a lot of fun in the chat a lot of the people that have probably been posting in there for a while they were making jokes which was a little confusing because I was trying to stay on topic and read others answer. There was random responses nothing to do up with what we were talking about or funny pictures which made it comical (while being stressed). I enjoyed my first Twitter chat, at the end I went back to see who liked my Tweets then clicked on their profile. It was interesting to read who they are, where they are from. There was a principal from Michigan who was in the chat!. It’s really cool connecting with a lot of people from all over. I will definitely attend another Twitter chat and hopefully my next time will be a little less stressful.

#3 Treaty as a spiritual covenant

I understand the spirituality of the Indigenous peoples very sentimental and caring, they expressed it towards everything on this earth. Nothing is ever taken for granted from having from the birds in sky to the dirt we walk on everything is has sentimental value to Indigenous peoples. I feel I have learned to have a deeper understanding of where I see myself on this earth and everything I interact with from people, animals and even the grass I walk on. Everything is living it has a purpose. The dirt and rocks beneath us help the tree stand tall and let the trees grow from it, as it provides the tree with nutrients. I know I was not taking the time to be respectful and appreciate all of the small things I have in this life and what mother earth has to offer me as well as friends and family. If we start living each day and being very appreciative and thankful for all we have even the shortcomings. “The Elders stated that the circle symbolized the oneness of First Nations people with the Creator and the spiritual, social, and political institutions of the First Nations. It is at once a statement of allegiance, of loyalty, fidelity, and unity by both the nation and its peoples. This act/statement is rooted in the doctrine of wahkotowin (the laws governing all relations) and miyo-wicehtowin (the laws governing good relations)” (Treaty Elders of Saskatchewan, pg.14.).  I believe humanity would be more at peace as well as it would greatly benefit our animals and our environment. By having people be more thankful for each living thing and not be looking at the environments resources or animals as a profitable market for human gains and profit.

My introduction

Hi my name is Heather Snell I am a fourth year Elementary Education student at the University of Regina. I originality grew up in a small town 2 hours north east from Regina so I am a little ways from home. Although I’m a county girl at heart I do enjoy my time while I am in the city.

I am in the elementary program and I love it! I can’t wait to finish my degree, and make my way into the work force. I hope to get a job back home in Wadena. Here’s a picture of me on the first day of school in front of the awesome board my Co-op put together!

So.. me and technology Do NOT get along! It stresses me out and I always seem to make things worse. I have went to the Apple store a few times and they have straight up said “oh what did you do we can’t fix that here, call the 1800 Apple number.” Also I’m still getting used to blogging! Yes it’s been 3 weeks and still figure stuff out, hence why I’m posting my intro now! Lol

Learning about Feedly

First going on Feedly was neat I have never heard of an app like this. I clicked on the discover and there was a whole bunch of suggested feeds to follow from advertising, retail to telecom to name a few. I made a category based on education there was anything from Ted talks to edges, and articles to name a few. I see a link of cool cat teacher it immediately got my attention as I love cats and will soon be a teacher. After I clicked on her icon I was reading that she is a teacher in fourth grade that loves reading and as I screwed scroll through her posts I was intrigued by it all so I decided to follow her or add her to my education category. I also added her on Twitter because she shared her Twitter account so that was a double bonus for me! I find Feedly pretty easy to navigate through and I like that you can save articles, as everything I’m following interest me. There is some articles or videos I want to save for later reading or after I read I still want to see you for easy access. Not only can I use this app for education purposes there’s everything from sports outdoors, I can follow and learn more about. Which learning about sports or outdoors activities I can always bring into the classroom to connect with my students interests.

Learning Project!

For my learning project I decided to finally learn something I always wanted to learn, but never knew anything and never had the time to do it. Yoga! So the past week I have been looking into yoga and I thought it was just stretching in different poses but the more I am looking the more I’m finding. So I did assume there would be beginning yoga and advanced yoga, but there is also kid yoga, yoga for certain injuries, exercise yoga and hot yoga to name a few. So after learning about the many different types of yoga and the benefits of each. I will be focusing ob Vinyasa yoga. Vinyasa means “to place in a special way” and in this case yoga posture

By the end of the 13 weeks I want to have improved or mastered a few yoga poses. I would like to try attend at least one a hot yoga class in the city if it’s not too expensive (poor student life). As well as attend a few classes in the city at the UofR.

A few yoga poses I am deciding to show before and after at the end of my journey are binding yoga pose, forward bending pose(touch my toes) because at internship when we would have brain breaks or be warming up for P.E. I could never touch my toes and my students defiantly noticed, LOL! Last I want to try some inversion yoga pose, all of them seem impossible, but I’ll see how close I get!

Blog 2 miskâsowin and Treaty Relationships

I grew up in a small town called Wadena, a little over two hours north east from Regina. It is a small community which had a few different reserves, the closet being Fishing Lake First Nation being 10-15 minutes (17km) from Wadena. Majority of indigenous people lived on the reserve, but they came to school in town with myself. Growing up I never knew the difference between the different types of reserves across Saskatchewan, I just assumed they were all the same. I took a few years off after high school to explore different job opportunities in that time me and my boyfriend moved way up north to Meadow Lake which is another five hours (490 kms) north west from Wadena.While living there I experience living in the forest, Wadena was just bushes, I was fortunate to have a job where I travelled far out of Meadow Lake and got to experience many amazing things and met many people along the way and seen their culture. I did some research and Meadow Lake has Cree, Plains Cree, Woods Cree, Dene, Michif Indigenous people living there as to Statistic Canada. I know while I lived there for a year I got to know many people who lived there as well as the Cree lady I worked with loved her culture and knew people everywhere we went. After visiting with people on our lunch breaks she would always fill me in where they live, how she knew them, which after meeting a few people she would say they are Blackfoot, which then to me never really meant much. I worked on many different reserves such as Makwa Lake which is attached to a town called Loon Lake which Makwa in Cree is Loon, something I learned while working there. Flying Dust was a few minutes outside Meadow Lake. The lady I worked with she was from Flying Dust she was. She told me how they had a community deep-freeze of all their hunting where if someone was sick or elders could go and take food that others hunted if they were not able to hunt anymore, which I thought was a wonderful idea. Still while living there I got to experience seeing many different reserves. It wasn’t till university where I learned about the different treaty territories on the map. In my map I included all the different treaty’s I have lived on including their city and towns names. I marked Fishing Lake Reserve on my map, i have not lived their but I wanted to show how close it was to Wadena.