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My final Yoga reflection

It is so hard to believe that this semester is so close to being done! Now looking back I am extremely happy that I chose a learning project that as it was something I always want to do/learn. Before choosing yoga, I was either going to choose learning Spanish or learning/improving American Sign Language. Spanish is something I still want to pursue and ASL I practice often as our use it at my job. This semester I was able to make time to take a online ASL course that was very useful in learning the proper etiquette and body language.

I am happy I chose something that was able to benefit me directly as I have noticed my flexibility greatly improved as well as it has helped my SI joint flairs up less, but it is extremely painful when it does. Learning yoga has also taught me to be more patient and to enjoy going at a slow pace. It has been nice taking ME time for once.

From YouTube and the 2 apps I used Yoga and Down Dog, my favourite was going on YouTube and finding people/instructors to follow along with.  I feel the Youtube channels that I used were more clear and helped me gain a better understanding how to properly do yoga.

Along with taking me time I have learned to listen to my body when stretching, what hurts, what feels better. It has been interesting to pay attention to small details I would never thought I could feel, areas in my lower back, shoulders and toes, yes even my toes. Breathing has been a big part of my yoga experience. I never realized how much breathing can help you stretch out when doing yoga. When exhaling you are able to take the stretch you are working on that little bit further, while not hurting yourself , and it also calms and relaxes me so much. This will be useful as I can help teaching my students how to breathe when they are also feeling overwhelmed.

Although this is my last yoga post I feel I am not done with yoga! Now knowing how good I feel after and the benefits I want to continue still taking time for myself. Thanks for following me on my learning journey!


Contributing to others and myselfs learning!

If you already didn’t know technology isn’t something I’m good at but, this course has made me a lot better and more confident! This class was totally different than any other online class I have taken. Using Zoom made it so much more interactive, also outside of this class I used Zoom twice this semester for other classes, for group projects! Blogging was really new to me, I enjoyed learning about the different techniques how to make your blog interesting and appealing to readers. One way to do that is to add pictures or videos and do you have links to the topic you’re talking about, which also helps with plagiarism. I definitely enjoyed reading other peoples blogs everyone had a fun and interesting twist to their’s. My blogs are slowly coming along I really would still like to make mine more fun and interesting to read but, I am slowly improving my writing style.
Although I wouldn’t say I helped others learn, I had lots of people helping me learn! Here is a few screenshots of learning I engaged in throughout the semester!

Twitter was an area where I got very comfortable with tweeting! I loved learning how useful Twitter was as I was able to collaborate with a ton of people especially other professionals in the teaching world!

I truly appreciate everyone being so patient and helpful especially my mentor when I asked 5,000 questions lol.

Blog #11

Upon entering the Lebret area, how did you feel? Reflecting on your feelings, would you feel the same way had you not been trained to look for narratives about treaty (i.e. trained by the education program).

Growing up I heard bits and pieces about Lebret. I never really fully understood what happened and why, but I never truly asked or researched by self. Upon entering Lebret I got a uncomfortable feeling, it was surreal to actually be there. Looking around the small town and the big structures such as the church, the crosses on the hill and the old gate leading into the school I tried to visualize what it might have been like 30 or 50 years ago. It was hard to realize everything we have learned throughout our education program regarding residential schools and colonialism that we were at the well known town, for not good reasons. If I never learned that the vast amount of information through University that has happened across Saskatchewan and Canada driving through Lebret I don’t think I would have really thought much of it. Other than for such a small town it did have a huge church as well as the walkway leading up the hill of crosses on either side up to the little church on the top kind of gave me an eerie feeling.

Learning how to do some coding!

This week we were learning about coding. I went to code.org to give it a try! I found the site very easy to navigate, it always provides you with a learning video done by a kid. I clicked on learn at the top left side of the screen and then I selected grades K to five just because I have no idea what I’m doing (lol). I chose course C which was for ages 6 to 10. Before you begin it showed you a chart about the lesson and the progress you would be making and what to watch for.

It started with an intro video which was very helpful. The game started out really easy it had little descriptions on what to do and it also had an option that it could read to you. When you would grab a tile and were close to another tile different parts would highlight, kind of guiding you to where you should connect it. It gave you a hint of how many blocks you should use to complete the level. It provided the cardinal directions and arrows on the blocks to also assist in which way you were getting your guy to move, it helps students learn the 4 directions. As I went on the game kind of got harder, less directions was given. When the game and code got longer it gave an option of ‘repeat’ and you can choose how many times to repeat. I chose three so instead of moving three tiles that said walk north you just move one into the square that had times three and it would do it three times, which models showing us shortcuts. I would definitely use this in my classroom it shows students directions, listening and following steps, short cuts which promotes critical thinking and a lot more!

Looking at fake news

Fake news is a topic that continues to grow and become more concerning. Nowadays with technology such as photoshop, costumes and people paying others to say pretty much anything it is hard to know who to believe, whether it be from a written article or a video online. It is very important as consumers reading various types of information we be critical to what we’re reading and hearing and also do our due diligence in finding reliable sources.

This video, How to choose your news-Damon Brown, goes to explain the development of news as it was so broad and limited to a few news papers and tv news casters. Unfortunately it was eventually was corrupted. It’s address is the importance of how there so much news and information we want to know but the time it takes to process and look into it to see if it’s fake news or not it is time-consuming and most individuals do not have the time to always triple check. Moreover, with social Media there is more room for people to share their opinion and one sided view on topics which further complicates things. The video suggests you go straight to the source and try avoid middle men. Follow reporters on social media to watch live feed and judge for yourself before others cut parts of the video to what they want to show and before they can speak on it. When there is a new news on the topic only check up on it several times in a day and not every few minutes, this will help to avoid false reports. Separate facts from opinions as it can trick you. Most importantly verify new BEFORE YOU spread it!

This article, How do we teach students to identity fake news? Discusses how fake news is usually used to cause harm, this makes it even more important to teach our students how to decipher what they are reading, hearing and sharing. Give students tools on how to use FactsCan.org. Another technique would be teaching students how to read laterally which is cross referencing information on different wed-sites. Also teaching students about different bias, all information and news on the web usually comes from a certain perspective it is up to them to judge if it’s true or not.

The 5 C’s-
1- Contexts, helps the reader by them looking at when it was written the date, where it was written, any information that has changed since it was written.
2- Creditable, Does the website look real? has the little lock🔒 in the websites.
3-Construction- is there any Bias, facts over opinions
4- Corroboration, cross reference what you read with other websites.
5- Compare, to other news to gain different perspectives to help you understand the big picture.

I feel teaching about Digital literacy right when students are in school in pre-K and kindergarten. It is never too early to start teaching and showing kids how everything that here, read or see is not always true. I feel you can tie digital literacy into many subjects just depending on the grade. For English you could have students write a essay looking into why fake news was , who in benefits. This could be done as early as grade 4 which will help students become more critical thinkers and writers. I feel you can incorporate the goals from the NCTE framework Into many different parts of the curriculum. It asks if students are able to use technology as a tool for communication, research and creation of new networks. Use digital tools and resources to match the work they’re doing. Find relevant and reliable sources that metre needs ,just to name a few. All which are so listed above are important aspects students should develop to become critical thinkers, writers which can be done through English, social, history and science. Each class you can design a lesson or unit for students to use technology to research something in each subject.

Blog #10

Treaty education in my classroom would be integrated into every subject and not made a subject on its own. Having it incorporate it into every subject models that it isn’t different nor should it be. By talking about it in every subject and having a safe judge free classroom I would hope my students feel they are able to share and talk about anything. Having this modeled in our classrooms over the years will help students learn about the truths and how important reconciliation is. Having treaty events help teach everyone whether it’s they’re just starting to learn about them self as a treaty person or have been actively learning about it for a few years, I feel there’s always lots to learn and grow.

Here is a painting along with different items and bead work from the Fort Qu’Appelle museum .

iMovie review & Video

We were challenged to use an app or tool that I haven’t used before to help document my Learning project. This was a great opportunity to finally learn how to video, edit and upload videos because I have never before. It was suggested that I use iMovie as it was free and easy to navigate. I downloaded it on the App Store and started playing around with it. I instantly loved the little (I) in the top right corner, right when you click on it all though places to edit or undo, save and any other features the app offered lit up in yellow as well stating what it was.

This is an amazing feature for anyone learning a new platform! (I need this option in everything I use haha). It didn’t take me long to figure out how to upload my video which then I was able to fast forward the middle part of me doing the slow yoga, then have me speaking at the beginning and end at normal pace. It has a lot of cool features changing changing the colour of your video also adding in background music. This is definitely an app I am going to continue playing with and use! You can also insert pictures into the video or make pictures into a video, if that makes sense. This has helped me step up my power point game! I am going to play around with that option next as my sister has been doing house renos FOREVER and I think it would be cool to make a video of the very slow and painful progress of their house.😆

And now Yoga with Heather!



I cybersleuth Jayla, or Miss Brinkworth which is her WordPress name if you want to check her blog out! I was able to find out lots, possibly it was easier as I was friends with her on pretty much all social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat. When I was typing her name into Facebook although she does have a unique name there were a few other Jayla’s that came up. When I typed Jayla Brinkworth on Google her Twitter, WordPress, all music, Vimeo, linked all came up with her name in. Jason Brinkworth came up on YouTube having some drumming videos. This was different creeping/ cybersleuth on Jayla like this, but it was even more creepy that there was tons of information that was so easily found that had lots of pictures, information of where she went to school and her dad. Although Jayla had a very clean and professional online profile. I feel if someone made one little mistake and posted something they shouldn’t have it would be very easily found and used against them, like in this Ted talk I watched how one Tweet can ruin your life.