About Me!

Hi my name is Heather Hrappsted. I am In my 3rd year of elementary education at the University of Regina. I took my first year of education by distance allowing me to pursue my studies while being able to live in my hometown. This is my second year living in the big city of Regina! I grew up my whole life in Wadena, Saskatchewan, a small town about two hours north east of Regina,which has a population of 1,300. In my younger years I enjoyed playing sports with my friends, riding horses at my dads farm, and playing with any animal that would let me play with it. Growing up I always wanted to be a teacher, I love being around children and helping them learn. I am very excited to be experiencing this journey of becoming a teacher.

Work Experience

I’ve been lucky enough to explore few different career paths before pursuing my dream I’ve always had of becoming a teacher.

2017-Present Direct Support Worker CARRES

After my second year of university I got a summer job at Wynyard CARRES. It has been a wonderful experience. Over the summer I work directly one on one or as a group assisting people special needs. I have learned a lot of skills working along side them. I have also learned some sign language, I am very excited to now be incorporating ASL into my lessons with children.

2013-2014 Meter Reader for Saskpower
For a year I moved to Meadow Lake where I was able to work as a Meter Reader for SaskPower. I got to work on many Northern Communities. Working alongside aboriginal people while learning and respecting their culture.

2010 to 2013 Narfasons Funeral Chapel
I worked as a funeral attendant where I learned a great deal about working with people and serving their families. this job allowed me to gain a great attention for detail.

Community Service & Achievements
2014-2016 volunteered at Wynyard CARRES

  • help assist people with special needs
  • learned sign language

2008-2010 help coach Wadena Composite High school junior girls basketball team
2008-2010 delivered Meals on Wheels
2007 MVP in Basketball
2007-2010 Basketball co-captain
2006-2008 apart of Wadena SRC school committee

  • helping organize school activities and fun raise money for new school equipment