Contributing to others and myselfs learning!

If you already didn’t know technology isn’t something I’m good at but, this course has made me a lot better and more confident! This class was totally different than any other online class I have taken. Using Zoom made it so much more interactive, also outside of this class I used Zoom twice this semester for other classes, for group projects! Blogging was really new to me, I enjoyed learning about the different techniques how to make your blog interesting and appealing to readers. One way to do that is to add pictures or videos and do you have links to the topic you’re talking about, which also helps with plagiarism. I definitely enjoyed reading other peoples blogs everyone had a fun and interesting twist to their’s. My blogs are slowly coming along I really would still like to make mine more fun and interesting to read but, I am slowly improving my writing style.
Although I wouldn’t say I helped others learn, I had lots of people helping me learn! Here is a few screenshots of learning I engaged in throughout the semester!

Twitter was an area where I got very comfortable with tweeting! I loved learning how useful Twitter was as I was able to collaborate with a ton of people especially other professionals in the teaching world!

I truly appreciate everyone being so patient and helpful especially my mentor when I asked 5,000 questions lol.


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