Should YouTube be used in the classroom?!

This week me and Jayla were to take opposite opinions on using YouTube in the classroom. Jayla was the teacher who had to talk with me and the parent. I took a position of completely disagreeing having YouTube in the classroom, just so our conversations would be interesting. I used my prior knowledge I have on how technology sometimes isn’t as good as hands on learning, although I don’t truly feel this way. Here is how our conversation went.

Heather: I feel YouTube is I resource that takes away from students connecting with one another it’s just another online tool that people turn to when there are tons of books and other information you can get from talking to people.

Jayla: I understand your concerns. However I have found, through research, that using YouTube in the classroom can be very beneficial to student learning. Using this tool gives students supplemented information that will add to what I am teaching in the classroom. Basically, I use it as an extension to my teaching.

Heather: I don’t understand why you should be using it as an extension to your teaching. You are getting paid to teach and therefore you should cover all the information.

Jayla: It’s not that I am not teaching myself, because I am still teaching. YouTube videos help to reinforce ideas and can make for a small, yet engaging portion to my lessons.

Heather: When I went to school we would do activities with the teacher and our fellow classmates. This was extremely engaging and it built on working together with other people, learning from one another these are extremely important in order to get a job, having skills working with other people.  If I wanted my kid to play on YouTube I would just give them my iPad.

Jayla: It is important to know that I do have students working together on a very regular basis in my classroom, and I too believe it is a crucial part of a child’s development. Another important point is that your child is not simply playing on YouTube at school. I have sifted through many educational videos on the platform and only show my students the ones that will enhance their learning. I do not use YouTube simply for entertainment purposes. I use YouTube for educational purposes.

Heather: I believe that ways to enhance learning is making at hands on, therefore having hands on experiences for our children is important. If you would go on Pinterest you would see there are tons of hands-on learning for students to do. From making and mixing their own primary colours to make other colours all the way down to math manipulatives. This will deepen any child’s learning by having hands-on experience. Also it will help having different sensational learning manipulatives and improves children’s hand eye coordination using their hands, not just looking with their eyes.

Jayla: It seems to me that you believe all we do is watch YouTube videos in this classroom. Fortunately, that’s not the case! We do many hands-on activities in the class that will help build so many skills in the children that I teach. YouTube is just a very small part of our day in my classroom. The videos we watch are not replacing the activities we do, they are there to be able to bring more knowledge to the students. They also are not shown to replace my teaching, but instead to help me teach!

Heather: I just wanted to raise my concern to you as most days after school my son talks about is the “cool” YouTube videos you show them.

Jayla: I appreciate you contacting me about your concern! As I have mentioned, I can guarantee that the videos your child is watching are benefiting his education, and not being shown for no reason. I am happy that your son thinks the videos I am showing are cool, because that shows me that he is watching and paying attention while they are being shown. From what I can tell when they are being played in the classroom your son is very engaged and is always able to recount what he learned from the video that was shown. This is a very important skill to have! Your son is showing success in the classroom and I think that is the most important thing to focus on.

Heather: Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions regarding my concerns of using YouTube in the classroom.

Jayla found information for her arguments from:


1 thought on “Should YouTube be used in the classroom?!

  1. This is a really cool conversation about different perspectives teachers, parents, and caregivers will have with regards to some of these technological advancements being placed in the classroom! Great work!


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