New digital community

We have a new way to record YouTube hits, not only for music videos but for people recreating an artist’s music video. Which I have watched many re-makes that have been from funny to amazing, creating cyber stars. As stayed by it creates a whole new platform for everyone across the wold to come together, through global connections through the internet and computers. It’s interesting that everyone had their own take on the Numa Numa song… Where if were to take that flexibility into our classrooms and giving our students the technology and the opportunity to express their different types of learning. At 12:05-12:12 of the video he goes to explain when media changes, human relations change. I thought this was a simple but has powerful meaning behind it. Hopefully the meaning is used for the positive and doesn’t create more of an issue for social interaction between humans.
“Networked individualism, (Berry Wellman 18:28).” This is very important, growing up in a small town you never had much selection of sports, interests and with that if his friends is friends. I always felt sorry for a few people and/or groups in my town if their interests were not provided through school activities or within our town they never got to fully participate in activities they enjoyed. Where, by having a network community individuals are able to live anywhere in the world and communicate with anyone that has the same interests, believes, which I feel can be in is very powering. It’s important to remember we are not all the same nor should we be but we should also have a sense of self and be able to share believes.
It was very interesting to see how the webcam has evolved, “the glass dot, the eye of the world” as described in the video. It is a lot more awkward and ‘unnatural’ for people. Not having a normal conversation, you have to keep the conversation going while making it interesting. Being that I don’t Vlog, I never really thought of how unnatural it is, but soon I feel the younger people are talking to their phones it won’t be unnatural anymore. I know with #SnapChat people record themselves and post it to their stories, thus making a younger group making this the new norm.


1 thought on “New digital community

  1. Hi Heather, this is a great analysis of what the technology world can offer to students. I think you made a very good point when you stated the importance of informing students about these resources to allow them to further their interests and make connections beyond their towns or cities. As for your blog, you did a good job of incorporating hyperlinks into your posts that were related to your discussion. To try and break up your text a little bit I suggest maybe instead of hyperlinking videos, just insert them right into the post! Pictures and quotes also serve as a great tool to divide up your text and make for a very easy read!


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