Week 1 of Yoga!

So my first week of starting yoga I have been using this app called “YOGA” it was a free app on the App Store. They have 15 different categories of yoga all running from 7- 14 minutes long. It’s nice for someone starting out or someone who is bust to having a low set time just because I don’t have a good excuse not to do it something for seven minutes, lol. It also tells you how many calories you will burn and if it is a beginner or intermediate. I haven been doing them all and adjusting some of the harder ones to the level I can do. When you click on what type of yoga you want to do there’s different categories such as core yoga, night yoga, morning yoga and energy booster yoga, to name a few. Once you click on it it says how long it is how many different types of exercise poses there is, it also gives you a little summary of the benefit of doing this type of yoga.  You can scroll through and see them all before you begin. When you begin it gives you 10 seconds to get ready, there is animated woman doing the pose also so you can see what it should look like. They say the name such as downward dog or cobra pose. I find most the pose names makes sense to how and what your body will be doing.


When you are close to being done every pose a lady tells you what’s coming up next verbally as well as it’s written underneath what was your doing at the moment. When it’s time to switch poses a bell dongs, which I find it not very calming sound. I find it loud and annoying dong, so good thing it only dongs once at the beginning of each pose. Between poses There’s a counter from 15 seconds to count down before it tells you to start, which I like. Some of the harder poses they only ask you to hold for 15 to 20 seconds were some of the easier ones are 30 seconds. The ladies voice telling you when to switch, start and what pose you’re doing I find kind of annoying not very relaxing. I’m not sure if it’s a real person’s voice a computer voice. So far I like this free app you can link it with The health app that’s already on my iPhone which I haven’t done. I’m not sure if I’m gonna stick with this app. I want play around with a new app per week and slowly move to YouTube videos so I get a good feel of each app. I can already feel a difference in my body, more so in my back as there’s less pains! A week into doing yoga I already am feeling some benefits!


3 thoughts on “Week 1 of Yoga!

  1. Hi Heather! This is a great start to your learning project! I suggest if you feel more comfortable to venture out and use different apps and programs that provide you with learning! I like how you have given a screenshot to your app! As you progress through your learning project I think it would be really cool to have pictures and videos of both the people you are following as well as yourself doing the yoga! Great work!


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