First Twitter Chat!

Well tonight was my first night attending #saskedchat! Although, pretty much the whole time I was very anxious, it was awesome!  I was signed in before 8 and nothing was happening so I was second-guessing if I was in the right spot! Then I seen a couple people were posting that was a relief for a quick second. Then I was frantic to write my first response just who I was, where I was from and why I was joining so I quickly did that. while I was typing my first response I was trying to see what other people were posting and what they were saying. I liked that he had short and simple questions, “ I say______, you say”. It just kept it easy to follow and what you’re supposed to respond to. I answered 10 questions within the chat so there was a few times I made a mistake (Don’t worry I knew I would) one time I accidentally labelled answer 5 as answer 4 question for so I have two different answers for 4 in the chat… not too bad.. After that I said in one of my answers that parents aren’t important to be in the classroom 🙈🙈🙈 it was supposed to say parent ARE important to be in the classroom. I already hit Tweet and then I noticed it right after so I was panicking because I’ve never deleted a tweet before! Thankfully I was able to figure it out and delete it and then re-type it. I kept it more simple compared to the first tweet so hopefully no one saw that tweet LOL. It was nice to see what other people were writing and I learnt a lot which was awesome. Also it seem like they had a lot of fun in the chat a lot of the people that have probably been posting in there for a while they were making jokes which was a little confusing because I was trying to stay on topic and read others answer. There was random responses nothing to do up with what we were talking about or funny pictures which made it comical (while being stressed). I enjoyed my first Twitter chat, at the end I went back to see who liked my Tweets then clicked on their profile. It was interesting to read who they are, where they are from. There was a principal from Michigan who was in the chat!. It’s really cool connecting with a lot of people from all over. I will definitely attend another Twitter chat and hopefully my next time will be a little less stressful.


8 thoughts on “First Twitter Chat!

  1. As Sydney said, Twitter chats are an amazing way to connect with other educators, not only in sask, but all over the world. What is also great about these is the number of resources you can gain from both the chats and the new educators. I would recommend keeping up with the chats. Keep up with the good work!!!

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  2. I had a similar experience with twitter. It wasn’t during a chat, but I also panicked after tweeting something and not typing it out correctly. I was able to figure out how to delete it as well, and breathed a sigh of relief!

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