Learning about Feedly

First going on Feedly was neat I have never heard of an app like this. I clicked on the discover and there was a whole bunch of suggested feeds to follow from advertising, retail to telecom to name a few. I made a category based on education there was anything from Ted talks to edges, and articles to name a few. I see a link of cool cat teacher it immediately got my attention as I love cats and will soon be a teacher. After I clicked on her icon I was reading that she is a teacher in fourth grade that loves reading and as I screwed scroll through her posts I was intrigued by it all so I decided to follow her or add her to my education category. I also added her on Twitter because she shared her Twitter account so that was a double bonus for me! I find Feedly pretty easy to navigate through and I like that you can save articles, as everything I’m following interest me. There is some articles or videos I want to save for later reading or after I read I still want to see you for easy access. Not only can I use this app for education purposes there’s everything from sports outdoors, I can follow and learn more about. Which learning about sports or outdoors activities I can always bring into the classroom to connect with my students interests.


3 thoughts on “Learning about Feedly

  1. Hi Heather, this is a great exploration of Feedly! I love Feedly and find so many useful articles to help me with my learning! I love how you have added a picture to your blog post! It makes it more interesting and inviting to the reader! Great work!

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  2. I also find Feedly easy to use, and very helpful. It is great that you were able to follow a twitter account that appeals to you through you exploration of Feedly too! I think this class will really build all of our PLNs!


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